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With this tool you are guaranteed to succeed in macro photography!

Mit diesem Tool gelingt Ihnen die Makro-Fotografie garantiert!

The aim here is to create recordings that focus on the small things together with their beauty and uniqueness. But there is a challenge that many macro photographers know: The low Depth of field for macro subjects is a common annoyance. Of course you could stop down and take the pictures at aperture 16 or even 22, but most macro photographers often lack the appropriate one Light and high ISO values are known not to be beneficial to them picture quality.

Photographer Florian Rothlehner is also familiar with these problems. Together with his wife Steffi, he owns the YouTube channel Photoflanie, which is all about photography. Next to the r Filter, street and landscape photography are the two specially from the little things in the macro photography done. In no other genre of photography is it so easy to venture into foreign, unknown and sometimes surreal worlds and to do so right on your own doorstep, says Rothlehner. . 

Dive into the world of macro photography with the macro slide!

To counteract this problem and the macro shots To be able to capture optimally, the photographer has the so-called photo stacking for use. With help of a macro slide becomes one Image series from single shots created. By varying the distance between the camera and the subject, the Focus level shifted. This is then over a appropriate software solution calculated into an image with an exceptionally high depth of field.

On this occasion we had the unique opportunity to present our photographers macro slide to be tested at launch. Rothlehner immediately liked the compatibility of the slide with the Carbon tripod CT-5C, which he used for the practical test. The macro slide has the photographer using the precise processing of the crank mechanism and the comfortable thread pitch convinced. The clamp, which can be rotated by 90 degrees, can even be used by two Macro slide in cross function be combined, according to Rothlehner. This makes it child's play to be able to focus precisely on even the smallest macro subjects.

Rollei Makroschlitten in der Praxis

He also particularly liked it Execution of the aluminum rail, because thanks to the double profile he could use his camera upright even with the center column turned upside down on the tripod. That's how I get it ie ground level operation but very relieved., explains the photographer.  

With an Llength of around 20 centimeters has he macro slide in almost every photo bag and can be taken almost anywhere. Despite the compact dimensions the sled is ideal for stacking larger mushrooms from front to back, for example, as the photographer found out in his practical test.

The macro slide in practical use!

As can be seen in the following video, the photographer went to the local forest for the practical test and there different motives detained.

The first motif was a spot where a tree must have been before. A circle has formed on the former spot, on which moss has now grown. Before the first shot, the photographer shows exactly how the Slide on the tripod is attached. Through the compatible Arca Swiss system the carriage can be attached directly via the rail to the inverted center column, together with the tripod head. Here he also emphasizes again that the 90 degree rotatable main plate is very flexible and allows some leeway in how the camera can be attached to the slide. Whether with L-angle in portrait format or about Quick release plate in landscape format – almost anything is possible.

Rollei Makroschlitten in der Praxis

Using the following comparison image, it shows the difference between a single shot and one Stacking recording, in which the rear plant stalks are also sharply imaged.

Ergebnisse vom Rollei Makroschlitten

At this moment, he simulates the sunlight falling flat with the Lumen Stick RGB on the battery operation with the compatible batteries. The photographer likes to use the long surface of the flashlight for this. You get a combination of the length of the lamp and the relatively small motif relatively soft light generated. In addition, it also helps us to keep the shutter speeds fast, explains Florian Rothlehner in his video as he positions the flashlight to the side of the subject.  

As a second motif, he uses a tree trunk and a branch leaning against it, which was already very weathered. The tree fungi that grew there enchant him and he sees his chance to macro slide again from one different perspective to be able to test.

Ergebnisse Rollei Makroschlitten

camera focal length ISO cover exposure Number of stacking shots
Olympus E-M1 Mark II 60mm 400 f/2.8 1/320 sec 24


He completely realigns the tripod and macro slide. As a further aid, the photographer recommends using a remote cable release to work. He works with the predecessor of the Remote cable release V2, with which he can take the pictures after realigning the camera. The advantage: the recording can be made without blurring.

Rollei Makroschlitten

The conclusion of the nature photographer

After different test motives, Florian Rothlehner finds that the macro slide is an all-round successful product. By the compatible Arca Swiss system the carriage can be inserted from both sides into the provided Clamped tripod head become. Depending on the motif, the sledge can also be raised using the included feet, so that a focus stacking on a flat surface is quite possible.

The crank thread has it fully in several aspects convinced. Not only is it smooth-running, it also helps himh, precisely the distances between stacking shots. The nylon pouch, which is supplied with the macro slide, also protects exactly this crank thread from dirt or even scratches from other equipment in the photo backpack or in the photo bag.

From the photographer's point of view, it might be advisable to have a bundle of two macro slides, so that one Macro cross function is also possible. In any case, Rothlehner will in future macro slide no longer want to do without on a macro tour and sees the tool as a indispensable tool for his macro shots.

Ergebnisse Rollei Makroschlitten

camera focal length ISO cover exposure Number of stacking shots
Olympus E-M1 Mark II 60mm 400 f/2.8 1/25 sec 3

You want more about that macro photography experienced and get valuable tips and tricks Then you are welcome to take a look at the  Youtube channel by Florian Rothlehner and his wife Steffi. Feel free to tag us on yours too macro results. We look forward to yours Pictures and video recordings.


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