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The F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter Mark II – the practical test by Stephan Wiesner

Die F:X Pro Magnetischen Rundfilter Mark II – der Praxistest von Stephan Wiesner

Round filters are a classic and popular accessory for landscape and documentary photographers. Stephan Wiesner, an expert when it comes to camera and equipment testing, tests our new and improved F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter Mark II and puts them to the test on a trip to picturesque Iceland.

The improvements of the new series at a glance

Because Stephan Wiesner is great with them previous models is familiar and uses them often, he notices right at the beginning of the test that in relation to the handling has done a lot. The new F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter Mark II are through recesses on the individual filters more grippy than the predecessors. The photographer particularly likes this because it is now much easier to use the filters to separate from each other or these also in cold weather Attach lens. The professional photographer is relieved that Filter type for the new models Frame visible is.

Rollei Magnetische Rundfilter

Another change concerns the Size of the filters: the Diameter has been increased, so that even with very wide-angle lenses hardly any vignetting anymore is available.

Where does Stephan Wiesner see the best possible uses for the F:X Pro magnetic round filter Mark II?

In general, Wiesner at least recommends two ND filters of different strengths and one Polarizing filter Always have it with you when traveling. He often uses one for his own recordings ND8, ND64 and one Polarizing filter. These filters are all in the one he tested F:X Pro Magnetic ND Filter Set Mark II contain. The Filter set can be optimally combined at any time as needed for your own upcoming photo tour. Precisely because of that low weight and the easy handling Stephan Wiesner advises all landscape and travel photographers to use the new one F:X Pro Magnetic ND Filter Set Mark II.

Rollei Magnetische Rundfilter

camera focal length ISO cover exposure filter
Sony ILCE-7M4 16mm 50 f/11 1/3 sec. F:X Pro Magnetic Pole Filter Mark II

Our tester also sees great advantages in the new filter set Portrait photographerswho at sunshine and using the Open aperture outdoors with flash want to work.

The F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter Mark II in use in Iceland

Stephan Wiesner is now a true Iceland expert and that's exactly why he didn't miss out on the new ones magnetic filter in the country known for its extraordinary landscape. That's what makes him special F:X Pro Magnetic ND Set Mark II with his high-quality polarizing filter enthusiastic. The high quality could also help him Gorilla* Glass the filtersr convincing and therefore ideal for work in rough landscapes.

Rollei magnetische Rundfilter

camera focal length ISO cover exposure filter
Sony ILCE-7M4 19mm 200 f/8 1.6 sec F:X Pro Magnetic Pole Filter Mark II

The conclusion of our tester

Who with the Filter photography If you want to get started or are looking for a comprehensive, robust and versatile set, according to Stephan Wiesner you will find the new magnetic ones F:X Pro Magnetic ND Filter Set Mark II found it. The Filter set and the included filters can be combined with each other as desired. Even more flexibility There are other new filters available, such as a astroclear or UV filter as well as the separately available accessories. So in almost every photographic category there is a possible use for the new one Filter series F:X Pro magnetic round filters Mark II.

*Note: Gorilla Glass is a protected word mark of Corning and is used by us for our filters. All naming rights belong to Corning. . 

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Die alte Version nutze ich und es ist ein Bereicherung und vor allem wenn man Step-Up Ringe nutzt. Für mich ein Manko: Der metallische Grundring, auf den die Filter geheftet werden, den gibt es leider nicht einzeln zu kaufen, um damit einige Objektive vor dem Ausflug mit zu bestücken. Oder- was ich hatte, man sucht ihn wieder auf einem der Objektive für die Weiterverwendung. Wenn man 2-3 Basisringe im Set hätte oder nachordern könnte, wäre wunderbar (Stand Filterset MK 1)

Thomas N,

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