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The smart thermostats being tested by Stephan Wiesner

Die smarten Thermostate im Test bei Stephan Wiesner

The photographer Stephan Wiesner mainly gives tips and tricks on the subject of photography on his YouTube channel. He has now tested the smart thermostats from Rollei Energy, because of course he also wants to heat efficiently and save on heating costs. In his studio he shows how to use the new thermostats and the door and window sensor in combination with the ZigBee central unit..

At the beginning of the video, the photographer explains how to do the smart thermostats mounted on a heater. Wiesner says that he is not a craftsman, but he still thinks the assembly was easy. The e Thermostats are suitable for common heating valves of type M30x1.5 and can thanks to the included adapter can also be used for heating valves of the type Danfoss RAVL, Danfoss RA, Danfoss RAV, Giacomini, Caleffi and M28x1.5. Wiesner used this adapter and explains that he simply attached it to his hand Heating installed has.

Smarte Thermostate von Rollei

Wiesner then shows the usage on the device manual mode. To be on the safe side, he measured the set temperature displayed on the device again and says: That's pretty accurate. All in all, he finds it super easy to use in manual“.

Smarte Thermostate von Rollei

The smart use of thermostat works with the ZigBee central. Once linked to the home WiFi network, it communicates with the thermostat via the ZigBee radio standard. Regardless of the location, both the thermostat and the central unit can be easily accessed via the free Smartphone app „Smart Life can be set as desired. Wiesner explains, for example Heating schedule mode, which he likes to use for himself. This allows you to select the temperature in up to ten different plans for individual days, weekdays or weekends for any time of day.

Smarte Thermostate von Rollei

He also finds the one available separately practical Door and window sensor. When the door opens, the heating goes off. When the door is closed, the heating comes on again. And so the sensor is explained quite simply. Of course, this is also possible z simply set via the app, as he explains in the video.

Smarte Thermostate von Rollei

The use of the smart thermostats is particularly practical for him. Since he's not always in the studio, he has set two modes for himself: I'm there and I'm not there. So Wiesner can easily do this before he sets off at home e Heating via app in the studio so that it is already pleasantly warm in the studio when he arrives. Comfortable and efficient heating so very simple via touch of a button.


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