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Nature photography on the next level:the new"Sony α1"and the Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal M or L tripod

Sony Alpha und Lion Rock Gimbal

Sony brings with his new full-frame mirrorless camera α1 an absolute battleship on the market. The α1 achieves a continuous shooting rate of 30 frames per second, a resolution of 50 megapixels with automatic exposure and tracking autofocus.

At Sony itself it is said that the camera up to 120 AF/AE calculations per second executes Made possible by the Exmor RS sensor with stacking technology already installed in the Alpha 9 II. At that time with a lower resolution, but now in combination with the Bionz XR processor. Through this combination, the camera offers the camera many new possibilities and features.

Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ und Sony Alpha 1

Scene recognition technology for animals

One of them is the new scene recognition technology with, which is particularly suitable for cats and dogs. The reason for this is that this motif recognition technology is particularly good and reliable for tracking and focusing suitable for animal eyes. And this technology works even when the face is upside down.

Especially good with birds

But that's not all. Because the first-class technology dormant inside the camera is with its Real-time eye autofocus even able to track the eyes of birds and focus even if the observed birds should suddenly fly away or possibly change the frame at short notice. In this way, succeed completely uncomplicated high-quality and sharp recordings of birds.

And this is where Rollei comes into play

With animal photography, you as a photographer get that too noiseless triggering of the camera thanks to the vibration-free electronic shutter. The combination of the extremely high Resolution of 50 MP and 30 fps with simultaneous high release speed including autofocus are also ideal for nature photography. Because these aspects offer the possibility fast moving objects to track and always take sharp pictures to be able to

This is where we at Rollei come into play. Because we have just the right complement for your nature photography with the new Sony α1, because we want you to be s Nature photographer with our equipment can take better photos.

Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal mit Sony A1

Soft pans fantastic shotsn

That's why we have our two gimbal tripods „Lion Rock Gimbal M“ and „Lion Rock Gimbal L“ brought on the market. They offer a maximum load of 10 kilograms (Lion Rock Gimbal M) or 30 kilograms (Lion Rock Gimbal L). The „Lion Rock gimbal models M and LL are proven tripods for nature photography and have a gimbal head, the special soft pans your camera and lens makes possible.

While your new „Sony α1“ so on that subject in focus, he cares „Lion Rock Gimbal“ for doing that Follow the subject smoothly can. And that even with fast movements. With their construction both allow tripods absolutely smooth camera movements. Tracking animals, such as birds, in their natural habitat is an absolute pleasure for nature photographers. Also (and especially) with larger lenses and extreme focal lengths. There is also one on the tripod Integrated leveling unit and on the gimbal head itself you will find more detailed ones Scaling and panorama functions, making it easy to align the Sony α1.t.

Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal mit Sony A1

And security Of course, we also thought about thatt

We have also thought about the safety of your equipment. That's why am Gimbal tripod also integrated spikes, through which (regardless of the terrain) a secure footing is guaranteed. You can use it even in rough terrain spectacular wildlife photography always stand securely. And make sure that your new Sony α1 sits securely on the tripod en security mechanisms on the tilt axis and quick-release plate of the Lion Rock gimbal to ensure that the camera is held securely at all times and does not slip off.t.

What more could you ask for? Maybe this information::

This is suitable in addition to nature photography Team of Lion Rock Gimbal by Rollei and α1 by Sonyny also excellent for the sports photography. Because the Sony α1 focuses the human eye with its real-time eye autofocus about 30 percent more precisely than the α9 II. And with the Lion Rock Gimbal M (or L) it is an extreme m smooth photography on a whole new level possible. Have fun!

Rollei Lion Rock Gimbal und Sony Alpha 1

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