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A perfect combination - the F:X Pro filters from Rollei and the new"Sony α1"

Eine perfekte Kombination – die F:X Pro Filter von Rollei und die neue „Sony α1“

Sony brings with his new full-frame mirrorless camera α1 an absolute battleship on the market. The α1 achieves a continuous shooting rate of 30 frames per second, a resolution of 50 megapixels with automatic exposure and tracking autofocus.

At Sony itself it is said that the camera up to 120 AF/AE calculations per second executes Made possible by the Exmor RS sensor with stacking technology already installed in the Alpha 9 II. At that time with a lower resolution, but now in combination with the Bionz XR processor..

50.1 megapixels 15 dynamic levelsn

But of course it doesn't stop there, because the sensor, which makes the 50.1 MP possible in the first place, not only offers its own high resolution, but a high sensitivity with extra low distortion and up to 15 levels of dynamic range. A new image processor achieves a still more precise color reproduction than previous models.

And here we have great news for fans of filter photography. Because the „Rollei F:X Pro filteri and the Sony α1 complement each other perfect in landscape photography. While the Sony α1 offers extremely high-resolution, true-color, low-distortion images, our filter in turn highest color fidelity and lowest reflections without distortion.

F:X Pro and Sony α1 a perfect combinationn

One characteristic of our filters is particularly interesting. Because with her ultra fine coating the F:X Pro filters are even suitable for 150 MP high-end cameras so absolutely ideal for the Sony α1.

Rollei F:X Pro Filter und Sony Alpha 1

Our filters are available as rectangular filters, taking you there Graduated Filter (GND graduated neutral density) and neutral density filter (ND neutral density) can be purchased from us. You can also choose the shape that suits you best. Whether now square filter or round filter.

Luminance Coating for non-reflection, sharp images and exemplary color fidelity

The coating just mentioned is called Luminance Coating. Its freedom of reflection is included 99.5 percent, through which razor-sharp images guaranteed are. even with high-end cameras with 150 MP. Color fidelity is exemplary, which means you can capture your surroundings exactly as your eyes saw

And you can purchase our ND filters in these strengths:

  • ND8 (3 stops / 0.9)
  • ND64 (6 stops / 1.8)
  • ND1000 (10 stops / 3)
  • ND2000 (11 stops / 3.3)
  • ND4000 (12 stops / 3.6)
  • ND32000 (15 stops / 4.5)

Depending on how much light you want to hit your camera's sensor, you can our filters of course too combine with each other. For example, you can combine a neutral density filter with a gray gradient filter, giving you not only the extended exposure time of the ND filter, but also the gradient of the ND filter GND can use for your image composition.

F:X Pro Filter von Rollei und Sony Alpha1

Gorilla Glass. Resistant, translucent..

Incidentally, our filters are extremely durable thanks to Gorilla Glass. It is manufactured using a special process that particularly resistant makes and at the same time high light transmission and color neutrality brings with it. through ours anti-scratch layer dirt is easy to remove and also gives the glass its special hardness. But it is not only scratch- and break-resistant, but also temperature-resistant. We tested this under the highest quality standards in intense heat and cold. They're the best we've ever built.

So are you ready for this? ultimate photography experience? With our F:X Pro filters from Rollei in combination with the new α1 from Sony, you can take your visual art to new shores.n.

*A notice: is a protected word mark of the company Corning and is used by us for our filters all rights to the name belong to the company Corning..

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