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Be creative with permanent LED light:This creates different reflections in the eye

Kreativ mit LED-Dauerlicht: So entstehen unterschiedliche Reflektionen im Auge

The efficient lighting design in photography allows the photographer to be creative. This light management is particularly about the light output defines which the light source emits. In this context, not only different light sources are distinguished from each other, but also their performance and power.

This comes up again and again Theme highlights on. Without light reflections, a model's eyes usually appear dull, gloomy and lifeless. When photographing with continuous light, the pupil usually closes more than when using a studio flash. That is why the eyes, especially the iris with its colour, contribute LED steady lights significant more intense. In this post, we show three types of steady lights that are different eye effects make possible.

Photography with the ring light is a long-running favorite for photographers, videographers and vloggersr

ring lights must not be missing in any photo studio. These allow the subject to be evenly illuminated. different light ring diameter as well as the color temperatures Warm, neutral or cold white in different brightness levels ensure that you can always work creatively. With the Reflection of the ring-shaped light source the classic image expression of this lighting system is created in the eyes of the person to be photographed.

Another advantage: through the circular lights the skin is illuminated in such a way that it is completely shadow-free. For this reason will ring lights also like from beauty salons or beauty bloggers used.

Shooting mit Reflexionen in den Augen

In particular for them portrait photography used, should be placed on a tripod ring light be positioned in such a way that the camera is at best inside the ring. To the attractive rings of light in the eyes of the model, a short distance to the subject should be chosen. But of course there are no limits to creativity here either. main task of this lighting system however, is harsh ambient shadows to prevent. The circular light causes the resulting shadows to fall directly behind the portrait.

Shapes of light with the bar light a creative work with lightt

stick lights generate asymmetries or symmetries when illuminating the subject. The number of used LED lights is the all-important application criterion here. A well-known photographer who likes to use the lamps creatively is Martin Schoeller.

Schoeller's technique is always the same with this effect, he brings it Camera at eye level and uses two stick lights, which softly illuminate the face from the left and right - similar to ours Lumen Sticks. The rod-shaped light reflections make the eye look like a cat and thus magically attract the viewer's gaze.

LUMIS U-Light und die Augenreflexion

stick lights are consequently for creative portrait shoots used, in which the lighting effects of several flashlights can be used for the photo work. In addition to the popular light reflections in the eye of the model, in particular, the light painting favored with this type of light.

The rectangular light is the extraordinary combination of different light formsn

other shapes, other highlights. The use of different lighting systems allows the photographer or videographer to be creative. A new form of creative work reflects the new LUMIS U Light again. This allows it to be used as both rectangular light as well as bar light.

Lumis U-light Shooting

When everyone turns on four light panels creates the rectangular shape of the panels accordingly rectangular reflections in the eyes of the subject, which stand out from the already known circular and rod-shaped reflections and thus new and extraordinary dimensions for creative design space. However, if you prefer rod-shaped reflections If you want to see in the eyes of the model, you can easily switch off part of the light panels so that you only see two bar lights next to each other, for example. The LUMIS U Light can therefore be used flexibly and offers many possibilities for individual light painting creativity. Stepless brightness control and the choice of different color temperatures complete the advantages of LED light. It is consequently ideal for photographers, videographers or Content Creator suitable that more flexibility and want more options when creating their content.



Photographer Seb Nagel: Instagram
Model Sina: Instagram

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