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Lumen Flex in use at wedding photographer Marina!

Lumen Flex im Einsatz bei Hochzeits-Fotografin Marina!

The Photographer Marina specializes in Boho Wedding Photography / / Wedding photography specializes in and enjoys working with the warm, woody tones that are typical of the vintage style. In her work she shows that Boho does not necessarily mean outdoors in a hippie look, but that a bride and groom can also be photographed elegantly indoors in her style. In this post, Marina explains her approach and describes how to use the Lumen Flex.x.

Equipment for wedding photography

The experienced photographer uses ours for her pictures mobile LED permanent light, the Lumen Flex M. To make taking the photos easier and to give her work that little something extra, Marina uses for her Wedding photography total of the following equipment:

Through the flexible LED permanent lights Illuminating the interior is not a problem and the use of flash is not necessary.

Hochzeits-Fotografie Lumen Flex

LED continuous light vs. flash light

For the most part, wedding photography doesn't involve experienced models posing in front of the lens. Marina usually works with people who are not in their comfort zone in front of the camera. Therefore, this offers LED continuous light The advantage over a flash light is that it does not unnecessarily stress or blind the bride and groom, which makes taking the pictures much easier. Another advantage comes from the Parallel recording option for video material, which would not be possible to create with flash.

Building the set for wedding photography

Weddings always present photographers with the challenge of not being able to work in their own studio and therefore a light and quickly assembled equipment need. The mobile LED continuous light enables flexible use through the dual power supply. Battery operation also has enormous advantages, as the LED permanent lights can be used flexibly and can be quickly carried from one place to another. Marina explains it Set expansion with the Lumen Flex series in detail:

Hochzeits-Fotografie Aufbau Setting

First setting

In the first Shooting set they both came flexible LED permanent lights for use. They were draped so that they that natural light of the windows perfectly support and the incidence of light so that the viewer does not notice the use of additional lights.

Hochzeits-Fotografie Ergebnisbild

camera lens ISO cover exposure
Canon 5D Mark IV Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM 100 F/4.0 1/120 sec.

Second setting

In the second shoot only one of the LED continuous lights used. The mat was in Towards the ceiling rotated, which is the natural Light reflected and scattered. A great effect in closed rooms.

Hochzeits-Fotografie Dekoration

camera lens ISO cover exposure
Canon 5D Mark IV Canon EF 24-70
mm f/2.8L II USM
100 F/4.0 1/120 sec.

Third setting

Even in this setting, only one of the lights was used. The flexible LED permanent light was placed behind the model here and created a light dreamy effectwhen the bride looked at herself in the mirror.


camera lens ISO cover exposure
Canon 5D Mark IV Canon EF 24-70
mm f/2.8L II USM
100 F/4.0 1/120 sec.

Lumen Flex Series Device Specifications

The Lumen Flex Series offers the photographer the great advantage of a dual power supply, which means that the mobile LED permanent light can be used flexibly. The Lumen Flex M can with a light temperature of 3,000 to 5,500 Kelvin can be operated and offers a very wide range of settings natural light, which is particularly suitable for wedding photography.


They are suitable for a wedding LED continuous lights excellent because they handy, light and flexible can be used. The Battery operation It makes converting the set much easier and prevents unnecessary stumbling blocks in the workplace. Marina also raved about her easy handling about the app, which mainly involves setting the correct light temperature made it uncomplicated. This is very important for your personal photography style.

Hochzeits-Fotografie Lumen App

However, the photographer had to admit a small drawback. The Monitor display was in daylight some of them are difficult to read and she would like an additional small compartment in the bag. Of course we're happy to take that on board and try it out Product optimization to implement.


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