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Professional photographer Mario Dirks tests Lumen Flex - this is how portrait photos work with our permanent LED lights

Profi-Fotograf Mario Dirks testet Lumen Flex – so funktionieren Porträtfotos mit unseren LED-Dauerlichtern

Already are ours Steady light lumen flex absolutely popular with our customers and professional photographer Mario Dirks has already taken a look at it and tested it extensively and published some articles about it that are well worth seeing..

Dirks has now published another video, this time in detail Portraits with the flexible lights should go. To be more precise, he creates a head or upper body portrait with model Hauke.

Great operating advantages

He starts with that Lumen M, which he as the main light uses, with him as fill light that Lumens S serves. The Lumen M he's only using it at 50 percent power in this case, which is great since the studio around him is relatively dark. But that's enough for Mario Dirks, since he has a very open aperture and with a 1/125s at ISO 400 photographed and the resulting images already look great, but Mario Dirks are too bright. No problem, just quickly change the brightness on the device itself or via the app and you can continue straight away. A great advantage of our lights.n.

Mario Dirks testet Lumen Flex

But then a few more exciting contrasts to obtain, Dirks still uses Lumens S and even our largest flex steady light, the Lumen Flex in size L – namely as contour light. In order to be able to see the comparison a little better, Mario Dirks once again shows the differences with all three different settings.

That's what the professional photographer says about the lights

The conclusion of the professional photographer is then again very good. He says: I am positively surprised by the lamps, they do what they are supposed to do. They are light, they are compact, they are flexible – I can do everything with it that I would actually do with flashes. Except, of course, that I don't have this extreme light output. But I have other advantages for that. I can photograph open-aperture, I am also mobile with this, I can change the color temperature, I can change the brightness and as I said, they have a very small pack size, they are flexible, I can also attach them somewhere with gaffer tape or scotch tape, I am mobile. It's really a great idea, innovative, I haven't heard of it before and I wish you lots of fun trying it out.“

Mario Dirks testet Rollei Lumen Flex

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