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Gray gradient filter in landscape photography

Landschaftsfotografie mit Grauverlaufsfilter

In the second part of our series on the subject of filter photography, the photographer Frank Fischer explains the purpose of gray gradient filters and how they can be used for effective photos in landscape photography.

Use of gray graduated filters

Graduated Gray Filter (GND filters) are for me in the landscape photography one of the most important tools. The best times for the ambitious landscape photographer are without a doubt the morning and evening hours. At these times the sun is flat, the light is rather soft and wraps the sky in wonderful colors. At the same time, the low-lying sun increases the contrast between the sky and the foreground, and even modern digital cameras are finding it increasingly difficult to expose both the wonderful color spectacle of the sky and the foreground in a balanced way.

As a rule, the foreground is then too dark and the sky too bright Graduated Gray Filter , with which the sky darkened can be. At the same time, this has the advantage that the exposure can be a little longer overall and the foreground becomes brighter again.
Graduated Gray Filter are at Rollei as square filter offered. These have the great advantage that they can be Filter holder Mark II shift in height according to the horizon and can also rotate at an angle on sloping terrain.

Here you can find out more about the Basics of filter photography.

In this video you can find out what the gray gradient filters can do and how you can use them:

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