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Frank Fischer tests the new Soluna 200Bi LED permanent light

Frank Fischer testet das neue Soluna 200Bi LED-Dauerlicht

In his latest product video, professional photographer and photo trainer Frank Fischer demonstrates this Soluna 200Bi continuous light by Rollei. He says: You have to say very clearly, it's a really nice, valuable product. The chassis is metal at the top and bottom, which really helps because it's really solid, he explains. On a set in particular things sometimes have to be done quickly, he says. And sometimes you can get caught on a cable, so that lights can fall over and break.n.



Easy operation of the permanent light

What he also likes is the fact that the control panel is placed on the side. He likes this factor a lot, because control surfaces on others lights are often located at the rear of the device. Which in turn results in the difficulty that when the lamp stand is set a little higher, it is difficult (or only with a ladder) to get to the light.
In this context, Frank Fischer is also very impressed by the Soluna remote controls convinced that with the Soluna bi-color continuous light are usable.

Of course, Rollei's own remote controls are also suitable for this, for example the Professional radio transmitter Mark II. Control is also possible via apartment, as Fischer emphasizes again. And he also goes into the fan button, which ensures that you have more power available because the fan actively cools down the light.

Produktfoto Soluna 200Bi Bi-Color LED-Dauerlicht von Rollei

LED permanent light with Bowens connection and protective cap

Also in the video the application with the Bowens connector as well as the use of light shapers explained. And Frank Fischer has a very important tip for users of the LED steady light. Namely that the cap that is on the lamp upon delivery must be removed beforehand. Because although the common belief is that LEDs don't get warm, they do in the long run. If so, be sure to remove the protective cap..

Different light modes

Of course, photographer Fischer also looks at the setting options of the Soluna continuous light one, which absolutely excellently illustrates the possibilities that the lamp offers. He then shows about the Use via app, which works without any problems.

Towards the end of the informative video, one sentence from Frank Fischer sticks above all: Performance is not what is lacking, so there is more than enough light.t.“


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