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Filter holder tested by professional photographer Frank Fischer

Filterhalter im Test bei Profi-Fotograf Frank Fischer

Frank Fischer is known for his workshops and YouTube videos about this Photography theme and that too Filter photography area. A test of our latest generation rectangular filter holder fits perfectly. In this article, including a video, the photographer tells you from his first impressions during unboxing to those from the first practical tests.

First impressions of the latest generation

Already when unboxing the F:X Pro filter holder Mark III Frank Fischer is enthusiastic about the packaging, which leaves an elegant impression. The revised model of the third generation comes with plenty of accessories and clear optimized details. In addition to small booklets that provide important details on how to use the filter holder and filters, there is also, like its predecessor, a set of adapter rings. This ensures that lenses with other filter threads in sizes 57 to 77 millimeters can also be used. Fischer points out that it can also be used with smaller filter threads, as additional adapter rings are available separately.

Rollei Filterhalter im Test

Additionally there is next to the Filter holder itself also a practical one spacious filter holder pocket including belt. This now has an extremely practical inner register that you can take out of the bag using the attached handle and neatly organize your own rectangular filters. So that you can get an overview of the filters sorted there, there are additional labels that correspond to the filter type can be specifically labeled.

The Filter holder itself can also convince experienced filter photographers at first glance. The housing consists of Aviation aluminum and is therefore particularly resistant. Also the new one magnetic circular polarizing filters is supplied directly and is already mounted in the filter holder. He finds this particularly exciting magnetic system, which allows easy removal using the handle. This can prevent stains on the filter itself. If you do end up touching the polarizing filter with your fingers, Fischer urges you to clean it accordingly afterwards.

Rollei Filterhalter im Test

Another revised detail immediately catches the photographer's eye: the new base ring Easy lock system. The base of the filter holder can be attached or removed from the 82-millimeter base ring with a simple click. Frank Fischer sees the new one as particularly useful Ribbing on the base ring, which reminds him of a small gear. It is used to ensure that the filter holder can be rotated and no longer shifts after the holder has snapped into place and the filters have been positioned.

Rollei Filterhalter im Test

Practical test in Scotland and Tuscany: Gray gradient filter in use

To get accurate impressions of the new one Filter holder Mark III in conjunction with the F:X Pro rectangular filters, Fischer took the filter holder with him on various trips.

It begins with the Tuscan cypress grove in the middle of a gentle hilly landscape. Since the sky appears burnt out or quite unstructured in this chosen motif, as can be seen in the video, a Graduated gray filter with a soft transition to use. Frank Fischer can capture the subject and the sky accordingly and bring structure to the light cloud drawing.

Rollei Filterhalter Ergebnisbild

At sunrise, Fischer tests another subject for his filter shots. He chose the well-known chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta, which is located next to the cypress grove. According to him, an ideal place for filter photography. Around the difficult lighting conditions To better control the rising sun, the photographer chose two this time Gradient filter with a soft gradient. In a direct comparison it can be clearly seen that the sky and the sun can be seen more clearly with the help of the filters.

Rollei Filterhalter Vergleich

He was also on Fischer's trip to Scotland F:X Pro filter holder Mark III with you in your luggage. It is ideal for various dramatic cloud images. Here too, the filter photographer uses two Graduated filter with a soft gradient. Once again, the direct comparison clearly shows that Rectangular filter the structure in the sky can be increased while the foreground can be exposed brighter.

Rollei Filterhalter Ergebnisbild

The new filter holder offers endless possibilities

The F:X Pro filter holder Mark III is one from Frank Fischer's point of view clear recommendation. There are numerous motifs in the landscape for which the use of optical filters is worthwhile. Here he can optimized holders trump and provide excellent support. Using and testing the filter holder is really fun, says Fischer.r.

It doesn't matter whether you already have filters or are just starting out with them three sets available From the photographer's perspective, you can't go wrong with the filter holder. Quickly expanding from two to three filter rails is also child's play and can be used at any time one click possible in seconds without screwing.


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