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The magic of light:candela lights in wedding photography

Die Magie des Lichts: Candela-Dauerlichter in der Hochzeitsfotografie

In the world of photography and videography, light plays a crucial role. It can create moods, capture emotions and be the difference between a good shot and an exceptional one. With our Candela series We offer you a new standard of LED permanent lights. This compact, powerful Lights are not only easy to use, but also truly versatile Game changer for photo and video recordings.

Why should you work with LED permanent lights??

In contrast to flash lights, which emit a strong, short pulse of light Permanent lights a steady light. This has several advantages:

  • Compactness and mobility: Easy to transport and ideal for outdoor photography.
  • Performance and efficiency: High light output with low power consumption avoids overheating.
  • Battery usage: Longer running time thanks to efficient LED technology, ideal for applications without sockets.
  • Visible impact and adaptability: Allows real-time adjustments of light intensity and color temperature without additional equipment.
  • Less strain on models: Continuous light is easy on the eyes and promotes natural interaction.
  • Versatility: Suitable for photo and video shooting, saves switching between different lighting systems.

Candela continuous lights in wedding photography

Weddings are unique events full of unforgettable moments that need to be captured. But not everyone involved is experienced in front of the camera. This is where the candela permanent lights, for example, come into play particularly easily. Her soft, steady light is ideal for achieving natural, authentic shots without irritating or blinding those involved.

Marina Photography tests the Candela series in practice

Marina, a wedding photographer with 12 years of experience in the field of sophisticated weddings and couple pictures, has been working with our LED lights for a long time. For the launch of the Candela series she had the opportunity compact 60 watt models to test for us in practice. It is particularly important for the photographer that people can immediately recognize themselves in her photos and that each story can be traced back to one another unique and authentic style should be captured.

Marina used the candela lights in two different locations:

  1. At the airport: The aim was to generally provide the aircraft hangar with more light to ensure the quality of the images.
  2. At the Palace Hotel Munich: Here the lights were used to illuminate various scenes as part of a workshop, from stationery to a paparazzi effect with targeted

The challenges and solutions

Each location brought its own challenges, from a time-limited shoot on a private jet under an approaching storm front to the need to perfectly illuminate the elegant rooms of a 5-star hotel. With the Candela permanent lights and their accessories, Marina was able to overcome these challenges thanks to the high performance and flexibility of the lights.

This meant that Marina was still able to realign the permanent lights at any time and react quickly to different lighting situations. Using the app via the free Candela LED app was particularly practical for this, meaning Marina didn't have to leave her position. Quick settings were adjusted via smartphone. This was an incredible plus point given the relatively short recording time available to Marina and the bride and groom during the shoot with the jet.t.

Also the Battery usage The two candela lights ensure quick and easy setup at the hangar setting, as no cables have to be laid to connect the lights to the socket.

The settings and the results

The set at the airport consisted of several curved tables and transparent chairs, the whole thing decorated with an arch made of gypsophila. The two candela lights were used with an output of 100 percent and a color temperature of 3,400 Kelvin. The filming hall was very dark and low, but could be brightened up accordingly with the lights.

The second set inside the hotel was already well lit. Marina used the continuous lights to additionally brighten up various settings. For example, in the carefully arranged stationery corner. The fine details and texture of the paper were captured perfectly. The light flattered the materials and emphasized the natural colors.

In the dining room, the entire ambience should be brightened up. However, the atmosphere should still appear natural so that the setting of the table continues to exude glamor and invite you to linger. In combination with the 45 cm parabolic softbox and the matching diffuser provided soft lighting 50 percent performance and one Color temperature of also 3,400 Kelvin possible without strong shadows and glare effects.

Marina also wanted to try out a creative effect with the two Candela 60 bi-color continuous lights. One of the preset effects was used in the hotel gallery via the smartphone app: The Flashlight effect. With this it is possible to work despite working with continuous lights Flashlights, like with a speedlight. This was too

Marina's intention as she wanted to create a paparazzo-like atmosphere. She recommends for an authentic image without any additional Light shaper to work on continuous light. This means that the intended shadows in the picture are stronger, like in paparazzi pictures.  

Marina's conclusion  

After completing both shoots, the wedding photographer is impressed by the value for money Candela series. The lights were immediately convincing, especially when it came to the criteria: compactness, dual power supply and performance, which are particularly important to Marina.  

„I have to say that the creative possibilities of the... Candela 60 Bi-Color plus the handy operation and the long-lasting V-mount battery are absolutely amazing. A small bag in the trunk and you are sure to be able to save or improve any lighting situation in a very short time, says Marina. a.  

She sees the lights as a valuable addition to her workflow, where seconds often count and where she often works with inexperienced people in front of the camera to capture magical moments.  




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