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Viltrox adapter EF-E5 with OLED display

Viltrox-Adapter EF-E5 mit OLED-Display

New adapter for Canon EF / EF-S lenses on Sony E-mount cameras

Anyone looking to change the brand of a system camera usually encounters the problem of different lens mounts. An adapter ring can help. Rollei's photo professionals are now launching one of these in cooperation with Viltrox, thereby expanding the range of adapters. The new Viltrox EF-E5 adapter makes it possible to attach Canon EF/EF-S series lenses to Sony E-mount cameras.

Norderstedt, July 7th, 2021. The new Viltrox EF-E5 Camera Lens Adapter is compatible with Canon EF / EF-S lenses to system cameras Sony E mount. This enables photographers to continue using existing lenses when changing cameras or systems.

With a light weight of 158 grams and its aluminum construction, the adapter is very compact and fits comfortably in the hand. The manual adjustment of two focus modes on the adapter as well as the aperture are easily possible, which makes the recording more comfortable. In addition, the focal length, aperture, adapter mode and manual aperture mode can also be easily read on the OLED display.

Another advantage: the transmission speed. Thanks to the electronic metal contacts, the adapter offers a significantly higher focusing speed and very good autofocus. In addition, there is an EXIF ​​signal transfer function.

A USB interface allows uploading for possible firmware updates. The integrated tripod mount with a 1/4 inch connection can also be removed for an even more compact pack size.


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 Beispiel-Anwendung für Adapter EF-E5 von Viltrox powered by RolleiAnwendungsbeispiel Adapter EF-E5 von Viltrox powered by RolleiProduktfoto Viltrox-Adapter EF-E5 - OLED-DisplayProduktfoto Viltrox-Adapter EF-E5