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The new Soluna 300 and 500 Pro permanent LED lights

Die neuen LED-Dauerlichter Soluna 300 und 500 Pro

Even more innovative lighting

Two particularly innovative permanent lights are the new flagships of the Rollei photo professionals from Norderstedt near Hamburg. The clue of the devices: This time, Rollei is launching two permanent lights with different strengths, which can be separated. Means that the light head is mounted on the ceiling of a photo location, for example, while the control box for the permanent light is on the floor and can be operated from there.

Norderstedt, March 24th, 2021. Two in particular innovative permanent lights are the new flagships of Rollei's photo professionals. The clue of the devices: This time Rollei brings two steady lights in different strengths to market that out Steady light and control box exist and are therefore separate.
Means that photographers and videographers can mount the light head on the ceiling of a photo location, for example, while the Steady light control box located on the ground and can be operated from there.

The lights come in strengths 300 and 500 watts and this is how her name is derived. The Continuous light Soluna 300 Pro is 300 watts the little brother of 500 per, both offering a daylight-like color temperature of 5500 K and five different lighting effects, each with ten frequencies that are absolutely ideal for video recordings. The CRI (color rendering index) of the lights is over 97 and the TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), a key figure for evaluating light quality, is over 98. But the illuminance of the devices is also impressive. The Soluna 500 Pro has a reflector and comes to 357,000 lux at 0.5 meters. That depends on what level of illumination is required Soluna 300 Pro to 207,000 lux, which is also supplied with a reflector.

Light setups can be divided into 32 channels and 16 groups on both devices, which makes it easier to prepare individual shootings. In addition, the devices with the Remote control Soluna Remote Control operable and also have a DMX-512 control.

The steady lights are made as a set light head and control box sold with practical accessories. Another special feature: the lights can not only be controlled on the control box, but also via the Rollei Studio smartphone app.“.

You can by AC adapter and battery powered be where the V-Mount rechargeable batteries not are included but can be purchased separately. But a large selection of light shapers can also be used thanks to the Bowens S-Type bayonet, which promises maximum compatibility..
As of now, the new steady lights are under available.


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