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Smart Frame WiFi 103 from Rollei:The perfect entry-level model for digital memories

Smart Frame WiFi 103 von Rollei: Das perfekte Einsteigermodell für digitale Erinnerungen

The Smart Frame WiFi 103 from Rollei expands the range of digital photo frames for all those who want to present their digital memories in style.

This device allows you to transfer photos and videos quickly and easily from smartphones or tablets, thanks to the user-friendly Frameo app. With a 10.1 inch LCD screen, which offers vivid colors and sharp images from every angle, the frame sets practical standards in image quality and usability. The internal memory of 8 gigabytes, intuitive Touchscreen operation and customizable features such as Time, weather and temperature display make the Smart Frame WiFi 103 a versatile and modern device for presenting digital memories.

The included attachments increase the flexibility of the mist output. The use of environmentally friendly and harmless liquids, the Possibility of remote control and a powerful battery underline the Mobility, security and Environmental compatibility of the SmokeMaster.

Creative possibilities with extensive accessories in an even more handy form Rollei expands product range with the new fog machine entry-level model SmokeMaster

Norderstedt, March 19, 2024. With the new, user-friendly Smart Frame WiFi 103 expanded Rollei, the renowned expert in photography and videography accessories, is expanding its range for photo lovers who want to share and present their digital memories in a smart and easy way to create an innovative SmartFrame.

In an increasingly digital age where taking hundreds of photos and videos on smartphones, tablets and other digital devices has become the norm, the Smart Frame WiFi 103 from Rollei a perfect solution. This digital frame allows you to not only save precious moments, but also present them stylishly in your living room and share them with family and friends.

Photos and videos can be transferred directly from smartphones or tablets to the Smart Frame WiFi 103 The transmission takes place via the Frameo app, which can be used free of charge and without the need for registration or login. In addition, the framework supports the data transfer of microSD cards, USB storage media or directly from the computer via USB-C cable.

Equipped with a 10.1 inch huge LCD screen with IPS panel, offers the Smart Frame WiFi 103 razor-sharp images and vibrant colors from every viewing angle. The intuitive Touchscreen operation and the generous internal memory of 8 gigabytes, which can reach up to 7,000 photos or 250 videos can take the digital photo frame to a new level in terms of image quality and user-friendliness.

The digital frame has a variety of functions, including the ability to rotate, adjust and label. Additional ads from Time, weather and temperature and an adjustable Sleep mode to Energy saving make the Smart Frame WiFi 103 a versatile device for everyday use. With its removable stand and the ability to Landscape and portrait format to be positioned, the Smart Frame WiFi 103 seamlessly into any interior. Its simple design with black frame gives it a subtle and modern look.


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Smart Frame WiFi 103
Smart Frame WiFi 103
Smart Frame WiFi 103