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Rollei and MIOPS present the compact Slider+

Titelbild Pressemitteilung zum MIOPS Slider+

New lightweight camera sled with smartphone control

Timelapse recordings or product videography only get the final touch with the use of high-quality camera slides. On the road, this can become a logistical challenge. With the ultra-compact Slider+, Rollei and MIOPS now offer a lightweight solution that can be completely controlled via smartphone.

Norderstedt, August 9th, 2021. Ambitious time-lapse videography or the dynamic imaging of products in precision shots require more than just a steady hand. In cooperation with MIOPS, Rollei presents a new one 1.4 kg lightweight slider, which is fully compatible with DSLR and DSLM cameras. Set up and set up quickly, the camera slide customize and use.
The performance data are convincing: The maximum movement speed is 100 centimeters per minute; the maximum step resolution is an excellent 1.141 microns. With the lithium-ion battery with 2,900 mAh, the Slider+ can achieve a runtime of between five and six hours in normal operation.

Safely stowed in the supplied pannier, the MIOPS Slider+ during transport only 40 centimeters long and hardly takes up any additional space when travelling. So it is perfect as a constant companion for photographers and artists who are looking for a compact and powerful camera slide system. The low weight of 1.4 kilograms is well below what many comparable devices weigh. During operation, the videographer has a effective length of 30 centimeters for all types of high-quality motion recording.

Individual functionality thanks to smartphone integration: The MIOPS Slider+ can be conveniently controlled via the smartphone via Bluetooth connection using the free MIOPS app. Both the triggering of recordings and the control of movements is possible in this way, if necessary at the same time..

The Slider+ can be used for all types of videography use where an automatic camera slide is an advantage. These include next to time-lapse photography even extreme macro shots. The integrated focus stacking gradually adjusts the position of the camera to take perfect and impressive continuous shots with different focus points.


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Produktabbildung Kameraschlitten MIOPS Slider+Produktabbildung MIOPS Slider+ KameraschlittenProduktabbildung vom Kameraschlitten MIOPS Slider+