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New Rock Solid Mark III series

Neue Rock Solid Mark III Serie

Rollei presents the third generation of the popular carbon tripod series

Rollei has further developed the popular Rock Solid tripod series with a special focus on the tripod heads. The new tripod heads of the Rock Solid Alpha, Beta and Gamma Mark III have an integrated two-way notch and three rotary knobs, for example for individually and easily adjustable damping. The Rock Solid series was specially designed for travel and nature photographers, as they ensure maximum stability and extremely high load capacity in all weathers. All third generation tripods are available now.h.

Norderstedt, April 12, 2022. After the great success of the versatile and extremely resilient Rock Solid tripods With the further developed third generation, Rollei is now bringing significantly improved usability, new tripod heads and numerous detail optimizations to the market.

The carbon tripods the Mark III series is available in the four known versions: With the Rock Solid Alpha XL Mark III suits you maximum working height of 195 centimetres with a maximum load capacity of 40 kilograms. The smaller Rock Solid Alpha Mark III allows one Working height up to 167.5 centimetres with a maximum load of up to 30 kilograms. The smallest models in the series, the Rock Solid Beta Mark III and the Rock Solid Gamma Mark III guarantee a working height of up to 178.5 or 162.5 centimeters with the integrated center column. The compact tripods can also have a maximum load of 24 and 18 kilograms respectively.

As usual, the successors are also coming, that Rock Solid Alpha, Beta and Gamma Mark III, with an extremely resilient new tripod head. In the thoughtful design of the ball heads a two-way notch has been integrated, which allows even more creative freedom when recording. About the am ball head The head can be adjusted precisely using the three rotary knobs attached, and the damping in particular can be easily adjusted to individual requirements using its own locking knob. Specially designed for that Rock Solid Alpha XL is the supplied and integrated leveling head with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch connection for aligning the horizontal plane.

The smaller models, consisting of the Rock Solid Gamma Mark III and the larger Rock Solid Beta Mark III, can continue to become one if necessary monopod be rebuilt. Macro photographers can also benefit from the reversible and short center column to get as close as possible to ground-level subjects. All tripods offer a simplified leg angle lock, a spirit level in the tripod shoulder and 3/8" and 1/4" threads in addition to the strong load capacity to be able to attach accessories if required.

The successors are specially designed for outdoor use, even use in sand, salt water and snow cannot harm them thanks to removable rubber feet and spikes. All tripods still have smooth-running leg locks.


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