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iFootage Shark Slider Nano now available from Rollei

iFootage Shark Slider Nano ab sofort bei Rollei erhältlich

Impressive shots on the go: two-axis slider revolutionizes videography

At Rollei, videographers can now purchase a unique slider called Shark Slider Nano from iFootage. It has a two-axis 2-in-1 motion controller that enables movements including 360-degree panning. In this way, indoor and outdoor shots, product shots, stop motion or even time lapse achieve a completely new level.

Hamburg, April 8th, 2021. The new iFootage Shark Slider Nano for DSLR and DSLM cameras as well as smartphones is the world's first integrated Two axis motion control slider. Weighing only 2.15 kilograms, it is a revolutionary portable solution for elegant camera settings on the go.

With a usable length of 20 cm 1.5 mmm for table mounting and 40 cm 3 mm for tripod mounting, it is ready for even more creativity. Because of that iFootage Shark Slider Nano enables bidirectional journeys, the journey length can even be almost doubled. The slider itself has one effective length of only 42.1 cm, which makes it easy to transport in a travel bag or backpack.

Another advantage is that the travel angle of the camera can be changed. It can even be mounted vertically on a tripod, opening up completely new creative scope. Also trips by motion control for time-lapse and macro shots are no problem. This is made possible by a unique 2-in-1 dual-axis design that combines carriage movement with 360-degree pan movement.

A full control of the camera parameters allows the powerful iFootage Moco app (Bluetooth). Precise movements and functions such as Zoom or stop motion can easily be controlled by yourself. And it's extra quiet and super smooth with brushless servo drive technology.

The slider gets power via USB, while the battery for mobile work is charged at the same time, so that an uninterrupted power supply can be guaranteed.


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Anwendungsbeispiel des Kameraschlittens Shark Slider NanoAnwendungsbeispiel des Kameraschlittens Shark Slider Nano ohne StativProduktabbildung Shark Slider Nano von iFootage bei Rollei