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F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filters Mark II with many improvements

F:X Pro Magnetische Rundfilter Mark II mit vielen Verbesserungen

Larger selection of filters & new matching accessories

With the magnetic F:X Pro ND filter set Mark II, Rollei presents the completely revised magnetic round filter set and in the course of this also expands the range with accessories and other filters. In addition to the revised version of the well-known ND filter set, filter photographers can now benefit from a magnetic Astroklar, UV and two soft GND filters with intensities GND8 and GND16. A single base ring, smaller step-up rings, and front and end caps are now also available for maximum flexibility. In addition, Rollei presents a completely new effect filter with the Black Mist 1/4.

Norderstedt, October 12, 2022. After the successful start of the magnetic round filter sets we present the revised one magnetic ND filter set with an even wider range of optional accessories. The F:X Pro Magnetic ND Filter Set Mark II consists of three ND filters of strength ND8, ND64 and ND1000 as well as one circular polarizing filter (CPL filter). The set is completed with a base ring and the front and end caps.

Never again tiresome screwing at the round filter photography – that is the stated aim of the magnetic round filter from Rollei. The magnetic socket has been revised so that it is now easier to separate the filters from each other and from the lens. The imprint of the respective filter type, which is now on the outside of the filter ring, enables the required filter to be identified quickly. About the one included in the set magnetic base ring the round filters can be conveniently attached to the lens. Since the filters are also magnetic to each other, there are various possible combinations without tedious screwing together round filter. That's not all: The revised protective caps of the filter set (consisting of a front and end cap) offer all-round protection during transport. And due to the revised magnetic concept, the end cap can now even be mounted on the set without the base ring Simply attach the base ring to the lens remain mounted for quick deployments, while the magnetic caps continue to protect the filters not in use.

Also new in the magnetic round filter series are more filters. In addition to the four magnetic ND filters (ND2000, ND4000, ND32000 and ND64000), this includes the new magnetic F:X Pro Magnetic UV Filter Mark II. It specifically blocks the ultraviolet portion of sunlight. In addition, the filter with its image-neutral property offers optimal protection for the camera lens used. The range is supplemented by the new F:X Pro Magnetic Astroklar Filter Mark II. Thanks to a special coating, this filter ensures that unwanted yellow and orange components of the light are reduced in night shots.

The is also available for creative effects F:X Pro Magnetic Effects Filter Black Mist 1/4 Mark II available. When used, this ensures a lower contrast due to the black particles in the glass, so that light sources in particular appear softer and softens the skin - ideal for atmospheric photos and videos. Also available now individually: Die Graduated Filter F:X Pro Magnetic Soft GND8 Filter Mark II or F:X Pro Magnetic Soft GND16 Filter Mark II, which compensate for differences in brightness in the subject due to their nature.

The F:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter Mark II offer full flexibility for quick round filter changes without a lot of screws. The prerequisite for this is that the magnetic base ring is screwed onto the lens, on which the filters are then placed. As mentioned at the beginning, it is already included in the selected thread size in the ND set. However, it is also available separately in the size 82 mm. Should lenses with a smaller diameter be used, Rollei offers magnetic step-up rings with a diameter of 62 mm to 77 mm for a filter size of 82 mm at. In addition, the front and end caps can now also be purchased individually, which many customers had requested. If required, the magnetic front cap can also be attached to the mounted base ring and used as an independent lens cap.


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Anwendungsbeispiel F:X Pro magnetische Rundfilter Mark II von Rollei an einer KameraProduktabbildung F:X Pro magnetische Rundfilter Mark II ND-Filter Set von RolleiProduktabbildung magnetische Rundfilter Mark II ND-Filter Set Mark II von Rollei