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    Looking for northern lights

    A spectacular spectacle in the far north that warms hearts and amazes eyes. Discover the right products with us to capture this magic! 🌌✨

    Best places and times:


    Iceland is known for its spectacular Northern Lights. The months from September to March are considered the optimal time to see the lights, especially in the remote regions outside of light pollution.


    Tromsø in Norway is another hotspot for northern lights. The months from September to March offer the best chances to experience the magical phenomenon.


    The northern Finnish region, particularly in Lapland, offers a breathtaking backdrop for northern lights. December to February are the best months to travel to this region.

    • Camera with manual settings

      To capture the northern lights in their full glory, a camera with manual settings is essential. This gives you full control over exposure, aperture and ISO.

    • Tripod for stable recordings

      Since long exposures are required to capture the subtle movements of the lights, a sturdy tripod is essential.

    • Wide angle lens

      To cover the entire extent of the sky, a wide-angle lens is ideal. It allows you to capture the majestic arcs of the Northern Lights in a single image.

    • Remote shutter release for smooth shots

      To avoid camera shake, a remote shutter release is practical. Alternatively, you can also use the camera's self-timer.

    Adventures under water

    Get ready for underwater action and discover the fascinating world of underwater photography and videography with our high-quality products and tips. Prepare to capture unforgettable moments and share your underwater adventures with others! #get ready

    Best places and times:

    Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world and is home to an incredible variety of underwater life. The months from May to November are considered the best time for clear visibility and mild weather.

    Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Raja Ampat is known for its stunning coral reefs and diversity of marine life. The best time to visit is from October to April.

    Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a paradise for underwater photographers. The months from June to November offer the best conditions for clear visibility and encounters with marine life.

    • Action Cam

      A waterproof action camera is an essential tool for underwater photography and videography. It allows you to capture your adventures from different angles and take impressive shots of the underwater world.

    • Backpack

      A sturdy and spacious backpack is important for safely transporting your gear, even if it is not waterproof. Make sure it is made of high-quality material and offers enough space for your camera and accessories.

    • Rollei Actioncams Actioncam Zubehör Set Sport XL

      Accessories for action cameras

      Action camera mounts and accessories allow you to securely attach your camera to various surfaces and capture unique shots, both above and underwater.

    Viral tiktok videos

    TikTok has revolutionized the way we consume and create content. From funny dance videos to informative tutorials to inspiring short stories, the possibilities are endless. To boost your TikTok presence and create viral content, careful preparation and the right equipment are crucial.

    The best places and times for creativity:

    Use your home

    Your home is a versatile place to create TikTok videos. Use green screens to add different backgrounds and let your imagination run wild. The advantage: You are not dependent on the weather or lighting conditions and can implement your ideas at any time.

    Natural Lighting Conditions

    Use natural light to your advantage to create natural and engaging videos. The best time to do this is in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft and diffused.

    Outdoor Locations

    Explore different outdoor locations to find unique backdrops and backgrounds for your TikTok videos. Remember that certain places are better at certain times of the day, e.g. B. a sunset-colored beach or a busy city square in the evening.

    • Green Screen

      Green screens allow you to customize your videos with any backgrounds or visual effects. Create a virtual world for your TikTok content and take it to a new level of creativity.

    • LED continuous lights

      LED lights are a must for lighting your TikTok videos. They provide even and adjustable light that makes your videos look professional and sets the perfect mood.

    • Lamp Stands

      Stable lamp stands are essential for positioning your LED lights safely and flexibly. They allow you to place the light exactly where you need it for the best result.

    • Teleprompter

      A teleprompter can help you deliver your texts and scripts professionally and fluently without taking your eyes off the camera. This way you can present your content precisely and convincingly and impress your viewers.

    Sunrises and sunsets

    Sunrises and sunsets are among the most fascinating natural spectacles and offer an incomparable backdrop for impressive photographs. The warm colors of the sky, the play of light and shadow and the tranquility of the moment fascinate photographers and nature lovers all over the world.

    The best places and times for magical moments:

    Coastal Landscapes

    Coastal regions often offer spectacular views of sunrises and sunsets, especially over the water. Places like beaches, cliffs, or lighthouses provide a picturesque backdrop for your photos.

    Mountains and hills

    Elevations such as mountains or hills provide an elevated perspective and allow for breathtaking panoramic views of the setting sun. The golden hours just before sunrise and after sunset are particularly attractive.

    Desert Landscapes

    The vastness and clarity of the desert landscapes create an impressive backdrop for sunrises and sunsets. The play of light and shadow in the dry environment creates a special atmosphere that can be captured perfectly.

    • Filter

      Neutral density (ND) filters and graduated filters can help balance exposure during sunrises and sunsets and improve colors and contrast.

    • Tripods

      A sturdy tripod is essential to achieve blur-free long exposures during the golden hours and to optimize the sharpness and detail of your photos.

    • Remote Shutter Release

      A remote shutter release allows you to trigger your camera without touching it, which is particularly useful for avoiding camera shake during long exposures.

    • Backpacks

      A comfortable and functional backpack offers enough space for your camera equipment, filters, tripod and personal items so you always have everything at hand when the perfect photo opportunity arises.