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    Safari in Africa

    Africa offers a fascinating variety of landscapes and cultures that attract photographers and videoographers from all over the world. Immerse yourself in the wild wildlife and discover the perfect equipment to capture your experiences.

    The best places and times:

    Serengeti, Tanzania

    The Serengeti in Tanzania is known for its breathtaking animal migration, which takes place between July and October. This is the perfect time to take spectacular shots of millions of gnus and zebras that cross the grass landscape.

    Chobe National Park, Botswana

    The Chobe National Park in Botswana offers one of the highest concentrations of wild animals in Africa, especially during the dry season from May to October. Here you can watch and photograph elephant herds on the Chobe River.

    Masai Mara, Kenya

    The Masai Mara in Kenya is famous for her rich wildlife and the annual migration of millions of gnus, zebras and Thomson gazelles between July and October. This is an ideal time to grasp dramatic scenes of predators and prey.

    • Traveling

      Keep your camera stable and your recordings razor -sharp with a robust travel rod, which is perfect for the demanding conditions of a safari in Africa. Lightly and easy to transport, they offer the necessary stability to capture unforgettable moments in the wilderness.

    • Backpack

      Well-padded backpacks with plenty of space are the perfect choice for every Safari expedition, since you not only keep your camera and lenses safely, but also offer additional storage space for water bottles, snacks and other important utensils.

    • binoculars

      Discover the fascinating wildlife of Africa up close with high-quality binoculars that provide razor-sharp details and offer you an unforgettable safari experience. You can find out what you had to consider when buying and maintaining your binoculars in our blog post.

    Art projects with light painting

    Dive into the fascinating world of
    Light painting: from abstract light sculptures to impressive light painting creations
    - Learn how the right equipment can help you, your visions to life
    to awaken.✨

    The best places and times:

    Desert magic

    The dark night sky in the desert offers an ideal backdrop for breathtaking light painting projects. With stars as background and sand dunes as a canvas, you can create magical lighting effects here that reflect the vastness of the landscape.

    Urban silence

    The calm atmosphere of an abandoned building during the night hours offers a unique opportunity for Light-Painting projects. In the midst of silence and dark, you can experiment with light rays and movements to create surreal and captivating works of art.

    Urban flair

    The late evening hours in an urban environment offer a dynamic backdrop for light painting projects. With the fascinating architecture and the pulsating life of the city as an inspiration, you can create unique light works of art that capture the energy and diversity of urban life.

    • Lightly lenses

      With their high sensitivity to light, they enable impressive long exposure and ensure razor-sharp shots of your light painting creations.

    • Colorful LED lights

      With different colors, brightness and effects, you can bring your visions to life and create impressive light painting works of art.

    • Lightpainting tips

      In our blog post you will find practical tips and tricks on Lightpainting. From the selection of the right exposure time to the use of various light tools to create your own impressive Lightpainting creations.

    • Inspriation ideas

      Experience the magic of Lightpainting on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. Here you will find examples of successful Lightpainting photos that capture a unique natural spectacle of the Nordic island.

    Culinary food photos

    Explore the world of culinary photography with us and discover how you can use the right equipment to transform your dishes into impressive works of art. Living colors, appealing textures and infinite creative opportunities are waiting for themselves to immortalize the beauty of your dishes. 🍝🍕

    The best setups:

    Natural light at the covered table

    A stylishly laid dining table with a rustic wooden background and natural light through the window creates an inviting atmosphere for the presentation of dishes and photographing culinary details.

    Improvised kitchen studio

    An improvised photo studio in the kitchen with a neutral background and additional artificial light enables maximum control over the lighting and the background to create professional food photos with razor-sharp details.

    Summer garden idyll

    An outdoor setup in a picturesque garden with flowering plants and a vintage table offers a charming environment for the staging of picnic or garden parties, ideal for recording lively and summer food photos.

    • Candela series

      Our compact and powerful candela lights offer the ideal solution for impressive food photos in every ambience. With the possibility of adapting the color temperature, you can tailor the light to your needs and perfectly stage your culinary masterpieces in natural or warm lighting.

    • Soft boxing

      Different light formers, but especially soft boxes, are the perfect tool to create soft and even light. With their simple handling and the possibility of adapting the intensity of the light, you can professionally stage your culinary food creations and bring their beauty full.

    • Tips & Tricks

      Are you looking for valuable tips and tricks to put your culinary masterpieces in the right light? Find out how you use light, equipment and perspective here to create impressive food photos that not only stimulate appetite, but are also visually appealing.

    Creative storytelling on Instagram

    With creative storytelling you can present your visual message in a unique way and captivate your followers. Discover the right photo and video equipment in our theme world to bring your stories to life on Instagram.

    The best places and times for creativity:

    DIY studio at home

    Build a simple photo studio at home with a neutral background, such as a green screen or a white wall, with one or two LED lights and soft boxes for even lighting. Use a tripod to take stable recordings and maximize the sharpness.

    Window light setup

    Place the table near a window to capture natural light, create soft shadows and beautiful reflections. Use a camera or even your smartphone to capture razor -sharp pictures of your dishes.

    Outdoor picnic setup

    Organize a small picnic in the garden or on the balcony to create a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Use the garden as a background and a few props such as flowers or dishes to beautify the scene. Use a camera with a macro lens to capture the details of your delicious dishes.

    • Lux lights

      Our Lux lights offer an unbeatable combination of flexibility, mobility and user friendliness. Whether in the studio or on the go, with your compact design, you enable professional lighting solutions for your Instagram story.

    • In the practical test

      Find out first -hand in our blog post how photographer Stephan Wiesner uses our compact Lux lights in his practical work to achieve impressive recordings.

    • Professional videos

      Professional videos with your smartphone? No problem! Find out in our blog post which apps, accessories and techniques help you to improve the quality of your videos and present your messages with a professional flair.

    • Vibe panels

      Immerse yourself in the world of lighting with our Vibe lights. In our blog post, photographer Stephan Wiesner reports on his experiences and explains how you master the basics of lighting with the LEDs.