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Camouflage in wildlife photography with the Lion Rock Camouflage Edition

Tarnung in der Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Lion Rock Camouflage Edition

Nature and animal photography is one of the photographic disciplines that demands the most from photographers. Great patience, endurance in the heat or cold and expensive equipment are an essential part of wildlife photography. Nature photographer Mario Genz, who lives on the island of Rügen, is happy to take on these hurdles and is rewarded with amazing photos of local wild animals.

Although the tester is ours Lion Rock carbon tripod in camouflage design for more than ten years with the Nature photography busy, they fascinate him breathtaking nature and the countless natural spectacles that he is able to regularly observe.

For the enthusiastic Nature and photography enthusiasts is the Wildlife photography so exciting because it always brings something new with it. There are animal moments he can capture that are never the same. Although this demands him photographic area A lot of things and great patience are the basic requirements, but usually after hours of waiting the right moment comes that rewards the effort.

Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Rollei Lion Rock 25

camera focal length ISO cover exposure
Nikon D7500 440mm 2500 f/6 1/500 sec.


What should you pay attention to when photographing nature and why is camouflage so important??

Mario Genz speaks from experience when he mentions the numerous details that are important when it comes to good Wildlife photography arrives. Of course, the most important thing is that there is no interference with the lives of wild animals. It is important to always be informed about the following things:

  • It is currently breeding season and the animals are being disturbed?
  • If you enter an area that is under nature protection?
  • If taken in, the animal and the pack could be driven awayen?

Photographers still have to get as close as possible Location of the event position and remain there as undetected as possible. That's why it is Camouflage in the wild This is a crucial element when capturing impressive, genuine moments.

Our tester was able to experience firsthand how important the best possible camouflage is. When photographing a deer, the desired results only came with the right camouflage. This often happens Camouflage tape in camouflage colors set. This is then wrapped around the camera lenses, tripod legs and, if necessary, the tripod head. When it comes to clothing, the photographer advises, you should also use colors that are usually found in nature. It should also be noted that clothing can become dirty during camouflage attempts, for example when lying on the ground. Another helpful tool that Genz often uses is this s Camouflage tent. He is good at this Position nature and make himself comfortable inside so that he can hold out for several hours until exciting shots are taken.t.

Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Rollei Lion Rock 25

camera focal length ISO cover exposure
Nikon D7500 165mm 2000 f/5 1/500 sec.

Practical test: The Lion Rock 25 Mark II carbon tripod in camouflage design

Previously, our tester had used camouflage tape to wrap the legs of his tripods and corresponding lenses for camouflage purposes. However, due to its limited durability, the use of camouflage tape quickly leads to increased costs. Furthermore, this is not the best solution when it comes to sustainability and the preservation of natural habitats. For this reason we have our tried and tested Mario Genz Carbon tripod Lion Rock 25 Mark II in the new Camouflage design made available for testing. As already mentioned, when it comes to wildlife photography, it's not just about fast telephoto lenses; best possible camouflage at.

To get a good impression of the big one Range of services of Lion Rock 25 Mark II Genz tested the tripod extensively in various landscapes and situations. The low weight and the Built-in stainless steel spikes, which are perfect for muddy surfaces, were particularly impressive to the photographer. Also the high load capacity was crucial for him because he had his animal moments with particularly bright and large lenses.

Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Rollei Lion Rock 25 Camouflage

Regardless of whether you are sitting in a camouflage tent for hours or hiking in the rain, the tripod is suitable for everyone exposed to imaginable situations. Through the short center column were even special ground-level shots anytime possible. Even in strong winds and using long telephoto lenses with a focal length of 600 millimeters for razor-sharp shots Carbon tripod no compromises and ensured shake-free shots.

 Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Rollei Lion Rock 25 Camouflage Stativ

The conclusion of the wildlife photographer

The Lion Rock in camouflage design provides for everyone Nature photographers a real asset. It impresses with the features that are already available from other tripods Lion Rock Series are known as one high load capacity, low weight and precise manufacturing and connects them with one Camouflage pattern designr, which is in the Wildlife photography has proven.

Mario Genz is particularly pleased about this variable working heights of the tripod. This is even close to the ground, where the photographer has to be because of the better camouflage Lion Rock the optimal equipment for animal moments.

Wildlife-Fotografie mit dem Rollei Lion Rock 25 Camouflage Stativ


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Klasse Artikel und kann dem ganzen zustimmen, auch wenn ich selbst nur seit 2 Jahren im Bereich Wildlife Fotografie tätig bin – rein Hobby. Hatte damals das LionRock 25 und das war schon ein klasse Stativ. Nun mit Camouflage-Design setzt Rollei noch eins drauf bzw. bedient auch eine besondere Zielgruppe. Es ist schon erstaunlich wie die Tiere jede noch so kleine Bewegung, helle Farbe oder eben den Geruch wahrnehmen. Im Bereich Wildlife gibt es meiner Meinung nach noch zu wenig Equipment oder Möglichkeiten sich gut zu tarnen – bzw. man brauch dann spezielle Cover usw.

Da muss ich wohl mal den Mario besuchen oder auf eine Fototour einladen :).

Viel Freude mit dem klasse Stativ. VG Alex


Beim beabsichtigten fotografieren von vielen Säugetierarten spielt neben der Tarnung auch der Wind eine entscheidende Rolle!

Heiner Langhoff,

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