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Supermoon photography:The full moon you can touch

Supermond Fotografie

The moon, as the only natural satellite, not only exerts enormous forces of attraction on the enormous masses of water on our earth, but has also fascinated people of all ages with its different manifestations since primeval times. Luna allows us a particularly spectacular and intense perception in the form of the super moon directly on April 27 at around 05:31. Find out how best to photograph the super full moon in this blog article.nnen.

Supervollmond Fotografie

The moon was and is of enormous importance to mankind. Determines its way around the earth our calendar. The gravitational pull of its mass of 7.349 10022 kg ensures the tidal range of our seas and oceans.

In fact, the Moon doesn't whiz around our home planet in a neat circular orbit, but wobbles around us in an ellipse once in about 27 days. The fundamentally elliptical orbit is also influenced by the sun. Due to its elliptical shape, the moon takes a position that is particularly close to Earth (perigee) and one that is correspondingly farther from Earth (apogee) once a month.n.

Then, when the full moon (complete illumination without the shadow of the earth by the sun) coincides with perigee, we see the rugged satellite as¬†‚Äěsuper full moon‚Äú¬†or just as¬†‚Äěsupermoon‚Äú . At this moment, the moon is actually up to 40,000 km closer to the earth, which is reflected in a visible increase in circumference of up to approx. 10 percent and an increase in brightness of up to 30 percent.

The ratio of the normal moon (at an average distance of approx. 385,000 km) to the super moon can be represented quite clearly using two euro coins: simply place a 1 euro coin and a 2 euro coin right next to each other to create a to get a rough idea of the visual size difference. Let's look at the moonam¬†27. April at 5:31 am¬†with unaided eyes, we will, as opposed tom ‚Äěblood moon‚Äě, but can hardly tell a difference since we don't have the reference size and the full moon itself already appears quite bright.

We should therefore take the opportunity to photograph the super moon, which only occurs about every 14 months. The moderate time seems quite favorable at first glance, but can cause increased light pollution (see below), especially in urban environments. Nevertheless, we would like to explain to you in more detail below how you can capture the super moon as best as possible on the memory card of your camera.ern.

Erde & Vollmond

Preparation is everything

The decisive facts are already certain: on 2704/04/2021 at 05:31 the moon will be only 357,378 km away from earth. So you can immediately start to prepare thoroughly for the super moon event.n.

Depending on the motif idea, you can put the super moon in a frame or even impale it on the top of a church tower. Get a lunar calendar so you know exactly when and where the moon appears and disappears. Put the supermoon in perspective zu scenic highlights to highlight its size or place it in the center of the picture , so that its rough surface structure comes into its own in the best possible way.

It does not inform you as precisely as a lunar calendar regional weather report about the meteorological conditions on April 27th. If the cloud cover is closed, you will only achieve unsatisfactory results, but do not throw in the gun (or camera) just yet if unfavorable weather is forecast 1 or 2 weeks before the respective date, the reliability increases steadily as the date progresses, even experienced meteorologists always experience this nice surprises again..

Our tip: Set off the day before on April 26 with all your equipment to complete a dress rehearsal at the planned location. Granted: only on 27.04. the super moon is in full, round splendor in the sky and is waiting for its audience the day before, but it already cuts a pretty good figure and you also have ample opportunity to go through the exact process live and in color in peace and without pressure to succeed . Nonetheless, on April 26th it will help immensely if you can operate your camera safely and intuitively even in the dark. Furthermore, you should also have the required equipment at hand and tested it extensively in advance.aben.

Everything included What belongs in your Supermond photo backpack on April 27th, 2021t

The most important and most obvious part of your 2021 Supermond gear list: your camera. In fact, you don't need a proven high-end camera from the highest price range, even good compact cameras are suitable for the upcoming super full moon event, provided they have a few basic properties:

  1. You can all Make settings manually . Even the most sophisticated automatic mode reaches its limits in moon photography, and some creative programs make the best possible result significantly worse, especially in exceptional situations.ich.
  2. The camera has a (built-in or removable) Zoom lens , which allows you to choose a focal length equivalent to a DSLR (APS-C) lens from 200 to 300mm. If you even use a professional full-frame camera, it should be closer to 500 mm.
  3. Your camera has one¬†Connection for a tripod¬†‚Äď in the form of a 1/4 inch thread. This equipment feature is even present in very cheap entry-level compact cameras.
  4. The fourth feature, on the other hand, is not found in all cameras: the connection for one wired remote control or even an integrated radio receiver usually only distinguishes cameras above the entry-level class. Alternatively, you can be less flexible with theer Self-timer function work, which in turn belongs to the standard repertoire of otherwise rather spartan digital cameras.t.

Ideally, you'll be chasing the super moon with a good camera in order to be able to use the greatest possible freedom and flexibility for the upcoming night shoot. Fortunately, you do not necessarily need a particularly fast (and correspondingly expensive) zoom lens to successfully photograph the very bright super moon. You should check the suitability of a fixed focal length lens on a case-by-case basis, possibly another item for your to-do list for April 27th..

Maybe you should have experienced it already our cities are getting brighter and brighter. And as a result of the steadily increasing use of energy-saving lamps in a wide variety of performance classes, ae¬†light bell , which has meanwhile been compared in terms of its extent and intensity to SMOG (a portmanteau of smoke smoke and fog fog coined in London at the beginning of the 20th century) and is accordingly also colloquially known ash als¬†‚Äělight smog‚Äú¬†referred to as. This¬†‚Äělight pollution‚Äú¬†occurs in communities with a population of 25,000 or more and even the smallest manifestation artificially brightens the area within a radius of about 20 kilometers. The sky appears unfamiliar within this bell of light¬†low-contrast and unexciting.¬†One possible way out is to move as far away from this disruptive factor as possible and ideally to look for the highest possible camera position at the same time..

However, if you do not have the opportunity to remove yourself sufficiently from the light smog screen in your home town, you should consider purchasing a suitable one RolleiAstroklar night light filter think.

In round shape the Astroklar is available for lens diameters from 39 mm to 105 mm if you mainly use rectangular filters work, this valuable optical aid is available in widths of 100 mm and 150 mm. The high-quality Rollei Astroklar filter reliably prevents the yellow and orange components in the light from entering the lens and at the same time improves the general image contrast. The smallest details of the starry sky come to light again, the sky regains its natural coldness.k.

In order to be able to take razor-sharp photos of the extremely radiant satellite of the earth with full use of a focal length of 200 to 300 mm, you should place your camera on as little as possible stable and low-vibration outdoor tripod assemble. Depending on the camera weight and the lens/filter combination used, we recommend our professional tripods Lion Rock or therock solid Family.

Lighter DSLMs can be found, for example, on the proven C5i secure and calm footing. Not unimportant: the right one tripod head, in order to be able to align the lens line exactly to the desired point and to be able to fix it without play. When choosing the location, you should make sure that you still have enough room to move in all directions to be able to implement spontaneous ideas directly.

Depending on the camera position and weather conditions, it may be necessary to exposure time to vary. However, you should avoid apertures that last longer than 1 second. The moon is known to move continuously in the night sky, covering a distance of about one kilometer in one second. Measured against the average distance to Earth of 385,000 kilometers, this distance seems relatively insignificant at first glance, but it can nonetheless be different negatively on the image sharpness affect and with longer exposure one wipe effect cause. Deliberately used, certainly an interesting variation of the motif that has already been photographed millions of times, unfortunately unintentionally a real picture killer.r“.

However, if the super moon on April 27th, 2021 shines into your lens in full glory in a completely cloud-free sky, the situation could arise that you are with a blackout filter have to work. You are on the safe side if you either have a suitable one round filter or onesquare filter carry with them. These not only provide you with excellent services for astrophotography and night photography, but are of course also suitable for reducing excessively bright sunlight or for carrying out creative long exposures. Another piece of equipment that is very useful, especially with longer exposure times, is a Cable or radio remote control especially if you want to realize exposure times that are no longer supported by the camera electronics..

Fotografie Supervollmond

Photographing the super moon perfectly concrete tips for April 27th, 20211

You have now put together the necessary equipment and have become so familiar with the individual components of your photo equipment that you can make all settings quickly and without thinking, even in complete darkness. In order not to have any nasty surprises during the shooting, we recommend that you all Controls to Manuall“ to deliver.

An unintentional flash triggering is more than 350,000 km away super full moon not noticeably brighten, but dazzle your surroundings unnecessarily. You should only use the autofocus in Live View mode at the very beginning to focus on the moon, but then deactivate it immediately so that a surprising (and actually completely unnecessary) refocusing does not ruin the entire recording at the decisive moment.

Try different apertures to find the perfect brightness for you. In lunar photography have ISO values from 100 to 200 proven, you shouldn't have to go any higher, especially with the super moon, to get that image noise possible  to keep low . Even the otherwise very useful image stabilization does not help you in this special case, since you are working with a stable tripod and a remote control.

To be on the safe side, experienced night and astrophotographers recommend working with exposure brackets. Perhaps you shoot more series the day before than are actually necessary and then analyze the results. On April 27th you can put your knowledge into practice. If your camera offers the function of mirror lock-up, you should definitely use this to eliminate all sources of vibration in and on the housing.

The next supermoon

Otherwise you then have until May 26, 2021, i.e. just under a month, to prepare comprehensively.

We wish you every success on April 27th, 2021!


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