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Produce professional videos with your smartphone yourself!

Professionelle Videos mit dem Smartphone selbst produzieren!

The general consumption of videos has increased rapidly in recent years. A development which smartphone manufacturer motivated to regularly outdo each other with new technical standards. HDR, 8K, optical zoom, optical image stabilization, telephoto and ultra wide-angle lenses are just a few of the latest trends.

Due to the technical advancement More and more videographers and vloggers are now repurposing their cell phones high-quality content to produce. Even Hollywood is working with them: In 2018, director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11, Solaris) shot his film Unsane entirely with a mobile phone. The second film followed in 2019 with High Flying Bird.te Film.

Of course, the new features are particularly interesting for video beginners, because they offer the opportunity to watch videos even with basic knowledge professional level to produce. About for your own social media channels or one website. It is important to note that alone a good Cell Phone Camera - and this also applies to cameras in the high-priced professional segment - does not yet make a good video. In order for a video to be suitable for professional use, the project needs to be well planned. That includes that too suitable technical equipment. Fortunately, the options here have not only become more diverse, but also more powerful and affordable. In the following, let's take an overview of what equipment or resources are available and what needs to be observed in general.

Videografie mit dem Smartphone

The right tripod

Of course, a professional video must not be blurred. That's why one belongs Tripod for basic equipment. Before making a purchase, you should first ask yourself what and where you want to film. For static shots without camera movement, a simple tripod like this is usually sufficient Compact Traveler No.1.

For example, if you plan to pan the camera in order to film a larger room or a landscape, you should better use a video tripod use with swivel arm.

Videographers, above all outside on the go be and like to stay spontaneous should have a compact tripod ponder. This can also be stowed in the backpack together with the mobile phone and is like that quickly ready for use. One can do this Tripod like the Comfort Vlogging Kit can also be used to film with just one hand.

Videografie mit dem Smartphone

bracket or accessory rail

For filming with your smartphone mounts or accessory rails basically essential. With them, the smartphone can not only be attached to tripods, but also pretty much anything else that you can attach a standard camera to. You have the option to do more Equipment such as lights or microphones connect to the smartphone.

The lighting situation during the shoot

Light is always a special challenge when filming. Despite all the progress, cell phone cameras still have a right because of their small size small camera sensor installed. That means she don't take in much light and an environment in the recording can appear darker than it is subjectively perceived by the human eye, for example. Many mobile phone cameras therefore compensate for the lack of light with a digital brightness adjustment. However, this usually leads to significant cuts in image quality due to image noise.

If available can the sunlight good use. However, this can change significantly in the short term and in the long term, for example if you film over a longer period of time. This can later be disturbing in the video if it is not supposed to be part of the dramaturgy. Other electric light sources can also be used in part, but it makes sense that you self regulate how much light emanates from a light source and whether it should be yellow or white, warm or cold.

Belichtung mit dem Lumen Flex

So before you buy, you should definitely think about it Light situation when shooting and ask yourself what exactly should be illuminated. This decides the amount as well as the Size of the required lights. For detail shots in which the camera is placed close to the object or person small LED lights, which can be attached directly to the smartphone using a bracket, are sufficient.

If, for example, you want to film one or two people or if you have to take a little more distance from the object to be filmed, something should be done bigger or lighter here. Recently, for example, offer foldable LED panels for lots of light comparably small space requirement. It is particularly practical that you can easily attach them to other objects with clamps and align them without using a tripod. They can also be used without a socket operate with batteries.

To existing Light softer, for example to make or to scatter, you should also find a suitable one soft box or one reflector own.

Mikrofon für die Smartphone-Videografie

Choosing the right microphone

Good sound is and remains half the battle in every video. Again, the question should be clarified in which situation and environment is filmed.

For interviews or yourself moving protagonists recommends a so-called Lavalier microphone. These are small microphones that are attached to the collar of one or more people, for example people attached can become. You need the appropriate one for this wireless microphones.

An alternative are directional microphones, for example if you don't want to record a lavalier in the picture or spontaneous interviews. you can at Tripod or via mounts attached to the smartphone and connected directly to it using the appropriate cable. As the name suggests, take it tone of the object on, on you are directed. The size of the microphone should be adjusted according to the distance between the sound source and the microphone. Also ambient noise are recorded in contrast to the lavalier microphone. In environments with a lot of wind, a Windbreak used become.

Rollei Steady Butler 3 Gimbal

Smooth videos with the gimbal

One of the absolute highlights in the field of smartphone videography in recent years gimbal. The smartphone can be quickly and easily attached directly to these and several are already worried built-in motors As if by magic, movements when walking, running or panning the camera are automatically cushioned. This is how beautiful things are created, shake-free handheld shots. you let yourself space saving stow away and can also use a stand used as a tripod become. Next to smooth videos meanwhile they also enable very easy creative video material such as e.g. B. moving time-lapse recordings or to realize so-called hyperlapses.

Tip: If you film for channels like Instagram in particular, you can quickly switch to a vertical mode and thus film full-frame upright.

Helpful apps for smartphones

Camera Apps:

The camera apps supplied by the manufacturer now not only deliver a excellent video imageDepending on the model, they also offer interventions in the video settings and functions such as slow-motion recordings. Still, it may be worth special movie apps to use. About the one specifically for Smartphone videography developed App Filmic Pro. It can be used, for example, to manually determine during filming which areas of the image should be sharp, which can be used as an aesthetic means of drawing the viewer's attention. In addition, a depth of field can be simulated in this way, which makes the background of an object or a person appear blurred and thus sets them apart more from the same. In addition, the ISO number can be adjusted, which usually increases in darker light conditions and thus causes the image noise mentioned. The video quality can also be maximized with special video profiles.

Video editing apps:

Another fundamental advantage of Smartphone videography is that you have the filmed material over video editing apps can also edit and publish directly on the smartphone. Very decent results can be achieved with just a few finger movements and, if necessary, directly in the Publish or send to the Internet.


Even if smartphones still (!) can't hold a candle to video or full-frame cameras in many areas, they offer many opportunities for content that is primarily viewed on the smartphone itself very professional result. equivalent Accesories and helpful apps help to significantly increase the quality.

A key benefit of cellphone filming remains the wisdom that the best camera is the one you have with you anyway. And who is able with that Smartphone to achieve good film results and knows how to deal with essential tools, he can indeed achieve very good results.


Note: All videos shown were created with the iPhone.


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Jascha Platzen is the author of this blog post. As a content creative, he is a specialist in the conception, production and post-production of effective content, especially in the form of video. In addition to advertising film productions from TV to social media, he also regularly and passionately deals with the diverse creative possibilities that smartphone videography has in store for video productions.

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