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Practical check with Stephan Wiesner:The revised Rollei wireless remote release

Praxis-Check mit Stephan Wiesner: Der überarbeitete Rollei Wireless Fernauslöser

In the exciting world of photography, innovation is the key to ever better results. That's why we asked professional photographer Stephan Wiesner if he would be our ours further developed wireless remote shutter release would like to put it through its paces.

This is not the first time that Stephan Wiesner has visited ours Remote shutter release He has already taken a close look at the previous version, put it to the test and given us productive feedback afterwards..

The impressive backdrop of the blooming Lüneburg Heath provided the perfect background for Stephans practical test of the latest remote shutter release.

Implemented feedback

Our Wireless remote shutter has had one in recent years impressive development run through. We launched the first version two years ago, listening to valuable feedback from our customers. Stephan Wiesner himself created a video about the remote release and shared his thoughts on how to improve it. We have listened carefully and are proud that his ideas have been incorporated into the development of the current version have been incorporated.

Particularly noteworthy is this progressive sustainability of the device because it is off recycled plastic is a step in the right direction for an environmentally conscious photography industry..

A new era for wireless recording

Among the innovations, this stands out integrated battery indicator particularly prominent. There are few things more frustrating for a photographer than finding their batteries dead in front of the perfect backdrop. With the new battery indicator you can always keep an overview and know exactly when it is time to replace the batteries.

Another highlight that Wiesner mentions is: individual channel setting. "This feature proves particularly useful in situations where several photographers work at the same time, extremely practical. For workshops or photo excursions, individual channel settings make it possible trouble-free communication between the remote shutter releases of different photographers, like on his trip to Iceland with two colleagues," he explains.

´Praxis-Test Fernauslöser

Why a remote shutter release is helpful

Stephan Wiesner also explains this in general in the video Advantages of a remote shutter release. Our device, for example, consists of two components – the receiver that is connected to the camera and the transmitter. The Channel not only enables wireless triggering, but can, like him Recipient used wired become. Both variants are crucial to avoid camera shake and sting sharp images to guarantee.

The Time saving is another advantage of the Wireless remote shutter release. Photographers can sit comfortably away from the camera while the shutter button does its work. Especially at Long exposures or Timelapse recordings A remote shutter release like this one proves to be indispensable.

Praxis-Test Fernauslöser

Do you also have great photos of the blooming Lüneburg Heath or others? beautiful image results – maybe even implemented with ours Wireless remote shutter? Feel free to share your photography moments with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #rollimoments. We look forward to your results and are excited!


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