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On the go with the new Lumen Panel permanent LED lights

Lumen Panel LED Dauerlicht


It is a matter of taste whether you take photos with a studio flash or whether you prefer to use continuous light. If you belong to the second group of permanent light users, we would like to give you ours Lumen panel 600Bi and 900Bi introduce.

Before we launched the panels, photographer Sebastian Nagel from Kaiserslautern put them through their paces. Fantastic pictures were taken with backlight and dramatic clouds..

 Lumen Panel Shooting

Lumen Panel Shooting


Both models just mentioned are mobile bicolor permanent lights, whereby the900s each 450 white light LED and 450 warm light LED is bigger than that600s. At the600bi Both LED types are reduced to 288 each, it is also the smaller version of the two panels overall. Both come to the same color temperature between 3200 and 5500K is adjustable. The wattage of the two versions is slightly different. Because that900Bi comes to a total of 60 watts, with the power of the 600Bi being 40 watts. And they also differ in their weight with a total of 400 grams.


But which panel is best for which situation? Sebastian Nagel answers::

„In my opinion this is suitable 900s very good for very bright backlight situations , while that  smaller model (600Bi) great at dusk enough. As can be seen in the following example, the higher power of 60W is not required at dusk (900Bi) compared to the smaller 40W model (600Bi). For this shot, we passed a large, flat area of farmland and saw the clouds begin to turn red and purple. We stopped promptly, I got the Lumen Panel 600Bi with the tripod out of the trunk, set everything up and off we went.“

Sebastian Nagel has the panel here full power used, however 3400K and placed a little further away to create a more harmonious warm/cold contrast between model Juliane and the reddish clouds..

„Here I consciously chose the panel because, for camera-related reasons, I need a light source to brighten up Juliane and capture the colorful sky without having to push the ISO value up too far and without having to guarantee a high dynamic range.“

Fotoshooting Lumen Panel 600Bi Dauerlicht

Fotoshooting Lumen Panel Dauerlicht


„In the backlight situation, I have that 900s Panel at 5500K and used at full power to optimally illuminate Juliane and not get a burned-out sky, explains Nagel. Since there was still a lot of time before sunset, her 5500K chosen to approximate the light temperature of the current conditions as closely as possible.

Fotoshooting Gegenlicht Lumen Panel 600Bi Dauerlicht

Fotoshooting Lumen Panel Dauerlicht

By the way: Our lumen panels are extremely mobile, which is due to the possibility of battery operation is reached. Batteries are suitable for this, for exampleSony NP-F750 orF970, which are not included in the scope of delivery. With this battery operation, however, you are able to work on location and wherever you find your subjects such as sunsets with dramatic clouds, as does photographer Sebastian Nagel..


„I love being with the panels to work, which applies to both models as they are incredible flexible, powerful and by separately available rechargeable batteries mobile are. They are ready to use very quickly and are screwed onto the lamp tripod. It's awesome too Control via app and I also find them to be extremely practical two diffusers, barndoors and swivel mount, which allow precise control of the light angle. Both models also have unbeatable value for money. In extremely bright backlight situations, you need the greater power of 60W and 324 LEDs more (900 in total) compared to 40W and 576 LEDs in the smaller model. To put it even more briefly: You take pictures indoors the little one is enough. Will you outdoors leave nothing to chance, then you definitely use the big ones.“

Lumen Smartphone-App


You can either control our Lumen Panels directly on the device or with our Lumen App. In this way, you can easily set intensities, colors and gradients with your smartphone without having to put the camera down. In this case, either switch between the Rollei app and the smartphone camera or work with another partner who operates the app..

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