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Capture the magic of autumn with the Easy Traveler tripods

Mit den Easy-Traveler-Stativen die Magie des Herbstes einfangen

Autumn brings with it a magical atmosphere: fog over lakes and fields, the heathland envelops itself. The colors of autumn unfold a unique beauty that captivates. This is the optimal time to do your own Camera tripod Unpack and devote yourself to long exposures. This time of year, when the light becomes softer and the days become shorter, there are numerous opportunities for impressive shots.

A completely new tripod series for great adventures in a small pack size

Before the launch of our new tripod series, professional photographer Stephan Wiesner had the opportunity to take a close look at all four models. The new Easy Traveler tripod models, available in one Standard and XL version, are specifically designed for photography and videography and promise stability, versatility and ease of use. “Especially this Easy Traveler XL surprises with its size and is ideal for demanding recordings", reveals the professional in his test.

The importance of camera tripods for photography and videography

Camera tripods are crucial in photography and videography. They don't just offer stability, but also Precision when shooting. A calm image is often the key to a successful shot. Especially in photography, where Long exposures are often desired, tripods play a crucial role. Tripods like this make it possible Easy Traveler seriesto take shots that would otherwise be impossible due to camera shake.

A look at the features of the tripod series

In his video, Wiesner illustrates the differences between one another Video tripod, which is equipped with fluid technology and an adjustable handle in length, compared to a conventional tripod head, which is typically for photography is used. The crucial difference lies in the flexibility of the video tripod to move his head using the handle. This enables smooth panning and different angles for recordings in video shoots, while in photography with the conventional tripod head more stable, static alignment achieved for photos.

"The revised tripod head, both for video and photo tripods, is particularly noteworthy. The new design allows for even faster adjustment in all directions," Wiesner explains and continues: "With a fixed switch you can turn the head to the desired position, be it in landscape or portrait format. This feature is particularly important for photographers who landscapes or architecture have to take photos and correct falling lines. Flexibility in head orientation means photographers can more easily achieve the desired composition."

Easy Traveler Stativ-Serie von Rollei

With a Pack size of only 43 centimeters and one Weight of 1.14 kilograms is the smallest model in the series Easy Traveler, easy to transport. Despite its small size, it can be impressive 5 kilograms carry, which is enough to keep a camera with a lens stable. The XL variant provides additional stability with a Weight of 1.34 kilograms and one Load capacity from up to 10 kilograms. Wiesner explains that the decision between the two models depends on individual requirements and preferences.

Easy Traveler Stativ-Serie von Rollei

Versatility and additional functions for even more flexibility

"The versatility of the new Tripod series is evident in various additional functions. The possibility that Unscrew the center column and using the tripod close to the ground significantly expands the application possibilities. This feature is particularly useful for recording low perspective, without needing a separate mini tripod. The integrated cell phone holder allows you to securely attach a smartphone to the tripod. "This opens up additional options for videographers or photographers who want to take long exposures with their smartphone," explains Wiesner, further details that he finds exciting.

Easy Traveler Stativ-Serie von Rollei

Conclusion: Perfect companion for creative use

After his test, Wiesner explains that the Easy Traveler series with all four camera tripods overall an impressive combination stability, versatility and Ease of use with a small pack size and its own weight. With their flexible functions and additional options, they are ideal companions for creative photographers and videographers who want to Versatility and quality set.

You want the new one Easy Traveler series in use see Then discover first impressions of other partners and of our outdoor operations on Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #rollimoments and #rolleieasytraveler.

Feel free to tag us among yours results, where our Easy Traveler tripod series was able to support you. We are excited about it!


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