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Now at Rollei:Anamorphic full-frame cine lenses from Viltrox

Jetzt bei Rollei: Anamorphe-Vollformat-Cine-Objektive von Viltrox

Together with the partner brand Viltrox, photo accessories expert Rollei is presenting three new anamorphic full-frame cine lenses with PL mount. The new lenses will be particularly exciting for professional videographers and content creators who want to take their videos to a new level. In addition to the aperture of T/2.0, the hardly noticeable breath effect when changing the focus is also convincing in video recordings.

Norderstedt, 02/22/2023. Rollei has exciting news for professional videographers and content creators. With the new Viltrox EPIC series, the three new Viltrox film lenses are now available. With three focal lengths of 35, 50 and 75 millimeters, the new lens series stands for breathtaking and cinematic results. The new Viltrox anamorphic full-frame cine lenses were designed for film cameras with a PL (positive lock) mount.

Even in low light conditions, the film lenses ensure great film material thanks to the constant aperture of T/2.0. In addition, the new EPIC series with all three focal lengths enables detailed image reproduction right up to the edge of the picture. This is also ensured with retro shots, where the novelties stand out with a fine and precise reproduction of the subject, as well as an outstanding color and texture.

Other highlights are the compression factor or squeeze factor of 1.33x and the option of being able to record directly in the wide-screen format of 2.35:1 and to export wide-screen images without the need for an extra crop. This is also ensured by a larger section of the subject that the lenses of the EPIC series can capture in contrast to conventional lenses.

All three focal lengths have gears with standardized 0.8 modules for support systems, so that precise mechanical focus changes are also possible. The high rotation possibility of 290 degrees also contributes to this. Specially manufactured for videography, the optics also offer stepless focus in addition to these modules. The 35 mm variant is equipped with 19 lenses and 13 groups, the 50 mm variant with 18 lenses in 12 groups and the 75 mm focal length with 18 lenses in 13 groups. The front lens of the lenses has been coated with a special nano-coating so that it is waterproof and protected from external influences. To protect the internal lenses, the anamorphic cine lenses come with a full metal housing in an elegant white color scheme, which has aperture and focus markings on both sides.

In addition to the extremely solid and high-quality workmanship, videographers also benefit from the same design of the three lenses, since no new calibration is required when changing the focal lengths when using Steady Cams. The outer diameter of 95 millimeters is ideal for using standard matte boxes. All new lenses, as well as the set with all focal lengths that is also available, are supplied in a splash-proof outdoor case with a pressure equalization valve and a specially cut foam insert for safe transport and storage.


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Produktabbildung Viltrox Anamorphic 75 mm Cine-ObjektivProduktabbildung Viltrox Anamorphic 50 mm Cine-ObjektivProduktabbildung Viltrox Anamorphic 35 mm Cine-Objektiv